Geopix Study Topics and Guides are designed for students revising for Geology A Level exams offered by OCR and WJEC/EDUQAS examination boards. Revision notes are illustrated by many diagrams and photographs from around the world, with explanations and exam guidance.

Geopix publications are grouped into five categories: Study Guides, WJEC Course Guides, Multiple Choice Tests, the Geopix Dictionary and the Geology of Volcanic Areas, as described below. These publications may be purchased by download; some titles are available on CD. For more information, please select a category from the menu on the left.

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During the changeover to the new specifications, the Study Guides are divided into two groups. Over the next few months, more of the pre-2017 Guides in set A will be updated transferred to set B.

Set A. Study Guides for the pre-2017 specifications:
Guides which have not yet been updated still remain available while new versions are being prepared. Each Study Topic covers a particular part of the AS/A2 specifications. Most Study Topics include hints about answering exam questions and highlight the pitfalls to avoid.

Study Guides bring sets of similar Study Topics together, covering a wider part of the subject. These Study Guides are available as downloads or on CD.

Set B. Study Guides for the 2017 specifications are aimed especially at the WJEC/EDUQAS specifications although the content applies equally well to OCR, although not necessarily in the same order as their specifications. Each Guide covers a number of key ideas/module sections from the specifications.

These Study Guides are available as downloads.

2. WJEC COURSE GUIDES (pre-2017 specifications)

Geopix Course Guides are compiled specifically for the WJEC AS/A2 Level Geology specifications, amply illustrated by photographs and diagrams. The guides include some commentaries for past exams and glossaries for selected topics. Guides are available for the Units GL1, GL3, GL4 and most of GL5.

Units GL2, GL4(E3) and GL6 are covered by the Fieldwork and Mapwork Guides. These are also listed in the Study Guide category because they are equally applicable to OCR students.

The Guide for GL5 Theme 3 ‘Geological Evolution of Britain’ is listed in the Study Guide category because it is relevant to OCR students as well as to the general reader who wants an overview of the geological development of Britain.

Please note:

i. Students beginning their course for WJEC AS and A Level in September 2017 should use the guides listed under Study Guides 2017 onwards.

ii. Students taking WJEC AS resits or A2 modules in June 2018 should use the guides listed in this category. To avoid repetition, students selecting the WJEC Course Guides should not also purchase other Study Guides (except for the Geological Evolution of Britain).


includes definitions of all the terms listed in the specifications - and many more - mostly written in the style of short exam answers, and grouped into subject areas for easier revision.

4. VOLCANOES - ILLUSTRATED BY TENERIFE and VOLCANOES - ILLUSTRATED BY ICELAND are descriptions of volcanoes, volcanic processes and products suitable for A Level study, but also for the holidaymaker. Both guides have the same content, but different examples, photographs and suggestions for places to visit.


Select the appropriate category from the menu on the left. This will take you to a fuller description of each guide. Complete Guides may be purchased on CD. Alternatively individual Topics are available as downloads so that you can mix and match to your precise requirements.

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