Most of the information in the Geopix Study and Course Guides is in the public domain. Extra detail has been included from the publications listed below.

Holmes' Principles of Physical Geology
Peter McLaren, Donald Duff, Arthur Holmes
Chapman & Hall

The Geological History of the British Isles
Arlene Hunter and Glynda Easterbrook
Open University

The Geological Association's Field Guides cover all of the classic geological areas of Britain together with selected areas in ‘Europe’ such as Tenerife, Iceland and Cyprus.

The Geographical Association's Classic Landform Guides describe the geomorphology of the more interesting areas of Britain.

Now out of print, a set of six Geology Topics by P. Kennett and C. A. Ross, published by Longman, were written for A Level Geology students, with many well-described examples of geological features, if you can find some copies.

Geopix gratefully acknowledges the support of the OCR and WJEC awarding bodies for permission to include examples of their past exam questions.
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